I’m a 33year old 3D-Artist from Frankfurt, Germany.

Over the past seven years I had the chance to work on various major projects for companies such as Lufthansa, IMAX, Continental, BMW and various german TV-Stations such as ARD and ZDF.

…ultimately I decided to become independant web3 artist and metaverse bussiness adviser. In 2021 I co-founded the successfull crypto-brand „V-Race-Cryptovehicles“ collaborating with one of belgiums top-notch artists NaturalWarp.



Gaining in-depth and hands on knowledge about the Web3 business, NFTs, Crypto-marketing and digital real estate opened countless doors such as becoming a mentor and NFT-Expert at europes biggest Crypto-learning-plattform „ORBIS ACADEMY“ where I host my own NFT-Masterclass. 

Keep on swiping down to find out how this could help your company to set a foot in metaverses‘ door!



One thing ahead when talking about „Metaverse“ that doesn NOT mean „Metas“ metaverse… infact there are countless better options out there!

Experts worldwide assure the fact, that the metaverse will replace everything we currently know as social media. Its essentially a step ahead into the 3rd dimension.

People form their digital identity and brands will use this plattform as a massive marketing-tool. Countless major brands already took the step! Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Space-X and McDonalds just to name a few.

What are your benefits?

  • Spot on and customer oriented advertisement
  • Host shows and events to push your brand/company to the center of a worldwide audience!
  • Show-off your product in stunning, interactive virtual reality worlds!
  • ENDLESS possibilities

How can I help you?

  • Access to dozents of parcels in all sizes
  • Knowledge about the technology and possibilities
  • Expert in creating 3D Worlds, Environments and Avatars
  • Connections to performers for your shows
  • Everything from a low budget web-showroom to MASSIVE multistore buildings and even entire „Worlds“ are realizable

Below some impressions of a few of my creations straight out of the metaverse!


„V-Race Cryptovehicles“ is a digital Web3 brand founded in 2021 by myself and the visionary psychodellic artist NaturalWarp.

Not only did NaturalWarp believe in my art, he also was my very first NFT-collector. Thanks to him I had the chance to host my debut exhibit in the metaverse „Somnium Space“ and VRace was born.

In August 2021 we convinced Somnium Spaces CEO „Artur Sychov“ (now a close friend of mine) to release our first series of 20 fully usable cars, Voyager which sold out instantly!

After the Cars followed the corresponding Avatars which where in a very wide way customizable before purchase! For customers that actually baught both Car and Avatar we airdropped a female avatar as a free give-away!

And while you are reading this we are already preparing our next series…so stay tuned!





You might have heard from it already or not, a new era of art has arrived! Finally digital creators pieces reach the same „value“ as traditional art. 


Therefore my artworks are sold as NFTs, each 1/1 artwork comes with an analoge, signed, high-quality alu-dibond print directly on a brushed metal plate (75x50cm) Besides that you will obviously be the certified owner of the NFT on the blockchain! 




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